My name is Xuewei. I am a co-Educator at Springbank Rise Early Learning.  

I have Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care from CIT. I also obtained following certificates and training: First Aid Certificate, Asthma and Anaphylaxis management training.

I came from China. I have about 20 years of working experience as a medical lab technician and senior technician. I have a great deal of knowledge and practical experiences in the area of children health and hygiene, especially in children infectious disease prevention and control. I called Australia home 10 years ago after living in Canada for several years.

I am very passionate about working with children. I always do my best to care for the socia, emotional, physical and educational needs of children in various care settings as I did for my daughter. I understand that creating a safe and comfortable learning environment is critical for both parents and Springbank Rise Early Learning. I have been working very hard to achieve this.

I enjoy seeing children learning playfully, and growing in a healthy way. I found the fundamental principles, practices and outcomes developed in the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) provide me a powerful tool to support and enhance young children's learning. I found that the principles and good practices that I have used in raising my daughter during the last 10 years in Australia are the same with or very similar to the principles and practices in EYLF.  For instance, one of the fundamental principles that I used for my daughter is to build a secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships with her. I was always attuned to my daughter's thoughts and feelings, positively interacted with her in her learning and playing activities, and supported her to develop a strong sense of wellbeing. As a mother, it is a tremendous enjoyable experience to raise and educate my daughter and see her grow into a highly talented and very successful student in world top university. I wish to offer my best to all children with the same enthusiasm and experience in Springbank Rise Early Learning.


Hi my name is Shabana, I am from Bangladesh.  I can speak Bengali, Hindi/Urdu and English.  I live with my husband and my only son Yasin.  I have completed my Certificate 3 at CIT.


My name is Priscila and I am a Brazilian with Japanese and Italian background who has lived in Brazil, Japan and Australia. My husband Rodrigo and I have travelled to more than 65 countries, acquiring a strong knowledge of the beauty that each culture and country have to offer.

My passion for children began in my early teenage years. At the age of thirteen, I started to care for children of the local church. Throughout the 7 years caring for the little ones of my church I learned how to treat children with respect, patience and love.

I moved to Australia in 2013 to study the Certificate III and Diploma in Children,s Service, which I concluded at the beginning of 2015.

As an educator I believe that the early years are the foundation for life, health and learning, therefore, it is my responsibility in partnership with families to promote quality education leading children to achieve their full potential.

I am grateful to have begun my career at Springbank Rise Early Learning, where I have given my best to be the difference in our children's life. For the first time in my life work doesn't feel like work!


My name is Kristina and I come from Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, Europe. I came to Australia two years ago with my partner Matej.

For nearly two years we lived in Sydney where I studied and completed my Certificate 3 and Diploma in Children`s Services studies. I also have master degree in pedagogy of the Slovak language and literature and education of pedagogy which I completed in Bratislava in 2010. Even though I intended to become a secondary school teacher at first when I found a job as a room leader`s assistant in international child care centre in Bratislava I could not be happier. I worked there for three years and I am grateful that I could work with such a great team who taught me a lot.

I believe that having dedicated and passionate team is one of the most important things when working with young children. I was very fortunate to find a team with such qualities here in Springbank Rise and even though I am far away from my family I do feel like home here.   


I've been living in Australia for two years now. I just recently came here in ACT to join Springbank Rise Early Learning Centre.  I've been working with children for over a year now and I am so excited to meet everyone and hope to see you all.


Hi, I am Florida.

I'm very grateful to be a part of this team.

My past experienced as a day care volunteer in the Philippines prompted me to enrol in early childhood education here in Australia. I got my diploma in Tafe Nirimba. I worked as a general educator in Rootyhill in NSW for almost two years. In those two fruitful years, I have had the opportunity to engage myself to a lot of families in all walks of life. I have learned and be able to understand deeply how to interact well with everyone especially that we live in a multicultural diverse country. I always put my heart in the forefront of my mind in everything that I do. I am married with two children that's why my passion to engage and teach young children comes naturally within. I hope that we could not only build a team in this centre but also a family to each other.


My name is Ashita. I am originally from India. I am living in Australia from 5 years. I can speak English, Hindi and Punjabi language.  I am married and mother of our loving son Laksh who is 19 months old. I have more than 3 years of experience in the childcare industry. I am Cert III qualified from CIT.

I would describe myself as a creative and motivated individual. I thoroughly adore preschoolers and their zest for learning. I love teach them. I believe that learn through play is a wonderful opportunity for young kids to enhance their knowledge. I wish all the best to every child at Springbank Rise and love to watch them grow.

Learning Playfully