Orientation into a Canberra Early Learning Service and transition to a new classroom.

'Belonging' is the central concept in the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).  The aim of the EYLF is to extend and enrich children's learning from birth to five years and through to the transition to school.

Here at Canberra Early Learning our Educators mission is to gain a thorough knowledge of children in our care, this process begin at orientation time when the children commence care with us and continues until the child leaves our care.

We have a formal orientation process where over a period of four days we get to know you and your child. Families are encouraged to bring a photo from home and talk to the Room Leader and Educators about what is happening in the family so that we can be aware at school. We encourage families to call us at any time to check on their child particularly when they make have had an unsettled arrival time.

We involve the parent in each learning journey and at all times parents can seek meetings with Room Leaders and the Director about developments in children's care and education. The Learning Journal captures an on-going cyle of planning, documenting and evaluating children's learning. Individual Learning Journals underpin our educational programs and involves educators critically thinking about what is offered and why.

In the Early Childhood Education and Care services children are constantly experiencing transitions. They arrive into their classroom daily, and then they transition from one educational experience to another, then to morning tea, lunch, to quiet time and then home Educators try to gently transition children at all stages giving consideration as to the child's needs.

National Quality Standards (NQS) Quality Area 1 deals with transitions operating from primarily children's strengths and capabilities. Transition to a new classroom is a vital part in acknowledging children's development and ongoing also given consideration to the children's developing needs. Our classrooms are grouped loosely by age but more specifically by friendship groups and abilities of children. There is a large transition to a new classroom that happens at the end of each calendar year. Parents are notified both in writing and verbally about the changes for their child.

At Canberra Early Learning we welcome all feedback. Please call and speak with the Centre Director or Head Office 02 6221 9380

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