PALS Social Skills Program - Playing and Learning to Socialise (Ages 3 – 6 years)

The early childhood years are when children start to make friends, to learn to cooperate with others and to solve social problems.Like all skills, some children develop social skills more easily than others.

Research indicates that social skills are of the utmost importance for a child future development.  The early years are when children begin to learn about cooperation, turn taking and solving social problems.  Children need to learn about waiting their turn, sharing, resolving conflict, managing anger, standing up for themselves appropriately and being socially confident. Some children develop social skills more easily than others.

PALS Social Skills Program teaches children constructive ways to solve problems that arise in social situations. This is done through stories acted out by puppets, video scenarios, probe questions, role-play activities and songs.

Each lesson focuses on a social skill, which builds into the next lesson so that it progresses into more complex skills required for social interactions.

Learning Playfully