"...children are born with amazing potential and capacities: curiosity, a drive to understand, the ability to wait, to wonder and to be amazed, the capacity to express themselves in many ways and the desire to form relationships with others and with the physical world." Reggio Information Exchange

Our children's educational program is driven by our knowledge of the Early Years Learning Framework.  By adopting the principles, practices and learning outcomes that have been researched and found to be 'best practice', we create an intentional learning environment which engages children actively in their learning through a play-based approach. Our programs are developed in partnership with families, recognising that each family has unique values and aspirations for their children.

As educators we begin to notice children's interactions, communications and play behaviours. Supported by our understanding of childhood development and the individual interests of children, we extend and integrate challenge and variety into the learning environment. Our learning environments are inclusive of the relationships within them, the routines, transitions as well as the physical spaces that cover a range of curriculum areas.


We believe in the importance of strong foundations which stem from positive and trusting relationships. It is vital that each child's sense of belonging is nurtured to support their developing identities and confidence as learners. 

Routines and Transitions

Routines and transitions are a vital part of our day-to-day world. Our educational programs view this as part of the learning program. We work in partnerships with families; children feel safe and secure when the links between home and the centre are collaborative.

Physical Spaces

Each of our children's rooms has permanent learning centres so there is some predictability within the environment. Learning spaces include: Library/Literacy, Numeracy/Maths, Expressive Arts, Construction/Design, Sensory exploration, Nature/Environment, Physical/Active, Imaginative and many more.

Learning Playfully