Rachael Roehl - Centre Director

I am the Centre Director at Crace Early Learning. I have been working in the Early Childhood Education and Care industry for almost twelve years now. During this time I have had the opportunity to gain my Advanced Diploma of Early Childhood Education  & Care (along with my Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care, an Advanced Diploma of Management and an Advanced Diploma of HR).

As an Educator I believe in empowering children to be confident decision-makers and providing educational program inspires meaningful learning for children by embracing the value of 'play' and fostering strong  reciprocal relationships.

Some of my achievements whilst working within the Early Childhood Education and care industry have been; The National Operations Manager for eight early childhood services throughout Canberra and Victoria, lead projects to open new early childhood services, been the takeover person when purchasing an already established service, I have been a mentor for trainees and ASBAs studying towards their Early Childhood Education and Care qualifications, writing and reviewing organisational policies and procedures, lead parent committees and lots more.

As a Centre Director I believe it is important to be able to recognise the difference between Management and Leadership. I believe a great Centre Director is able to effectively wear both of these hats whilst engaging as part of a team within the classroom and leading by example.

Gisele Vieira Domingues - Assistant Director

I am Gisele Vieira Domingues. I am from Brazil and have been in Australia for 6 years now. Being here was a great opportunity to change my life for good. I met my beautiful husband Thiago who is also Brazilian and could finally invest in my passion: Take care of children as a professional.

I started my professional life on the media and broadcast industry and worked as a TV Producer for around 5 years in Brazil. I was tired of that busy life when I decided to came to Australia and give a goal to something that I always wanted to do. Here I could finally become an educator! I studied Diplomas in Children's Service and Advanced Diploma of management and started to work as an educator in Brisbane few years ago.

Since I decided to move to Canberra and started to work to Canberra Early Learning my believes and thoughts were challenged as I was introduced to some new concepts such as Behaviour Guidance and specially "The Circle of Security". I had always believed that every child need love and respect in order to be able to learn through play and these concepts helped me to learn how to translate that into my practices. I adopted these concepts as part of my professional philosophy and embraced them as the best way to help children to grow feeling secure and loved. A child that is secure will grow to an adult that can handle and understand different situations and have better relationships.

I feel as an educator I have a great opportunity to be trusted by parents and be part of their children's life therefore I always ensure that I am doing my best in helping this little people to be able to grow and have the best years of their life.

Learning Playfully