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Canberra Early Learning Chef acknowledged for outstanding menu.

Canberra Early Learning Chef acknowledged for outstanding menu.

Canberra Early Learning Chef Torben Bilney received the Outstanding Service Support Award at the ACT Children's Service Gala Awards in acknowledgment for his efforts in the development and implementation of his nutritious menus catering to the multi-cultural requirements of the Yerrabi Ponds Service.

Senator Zed Seselja congratulated all of the 80 nominees and Minister for Education and Training Joy Burch said the implementation of the National Quality Framework continued to help raise the professional profile of the education and care sector. Ms Burch said, "Achieving these objectives would not be possible without the passion that educators have to help children establish self-esteem, resilience, healthy growth and the capacity for life-long learning during these critical early years," she continued "And their commitment to fostering supportive and nurturing environments for everyone."

Torben has been with Canberra Early learning for over 12 months and during his time he has created and implemented a healthy and flavoursome menu that appeals to all children from babies to pre-schoolers.

Torben's thorough knowledge of food and nutrition was paramount in producing a menu that appealed to vegetarians, children with food intolerances including lactose, dairy, gluten and children with severe allergies including anaphylaxis. His menu is inclusive of those children who require Halal meals.

Torben devised menus to reflect the interests of children and honour the various cultures of enrolled children within the programs at Canberra Early Learning.

In setting up a new service Torben has been a willing ear to the educators as his kitchen has become the heart of the child care centre. When we had all children in various stages of orientating in the service he was a willing participant in cuddling crying babies, creating recipes for the Toddlers, Junior Pre School and Pre-Schoolers to cook.

Torben has worked with the Educators to devise a menu to stimulate the tastebuds of the nursery with nutritious and tasty braises and purees.

Torben is located now at Crace Early learning and his menus form the backbone of the nutrition program at both Yerrabi Ponds Early Learning and Crace Early Learning.

We congratulate Torben on pursuing excellence for our children.

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