Climate change is a global issue. Here at Canberra Early Learning, we take the responsibility to introduce environmental sustainability principles into our services.

Over the course of the year we will be incorporating principles of environmental sustainability into our programs to ensure that we are reinforcing the messages children are receiving locally from both their home environment and community.

At Canberra Early Learning we adopt a child-centred approach to learning about sustainability. We program significant periods of outdoor play exposing our children to the ‘living world’ and role-model sustainable practices throughout our centres.Hands on experiences and play is a vital part of a young child’s development and knowledge of the world. We encourage our children to develop connections with the natural world through our educational program and with excursions into the natural environment.

Values underpin our thoughts, words and actions and are fundamental to a sustainable lifestyle. Values that are constructed early in life may be modified over time and determine the attitudes and behaviours of each individual. At Canberra Early Learning we consider research and best practice to guide the implementation of environmental education and we also acknowledge it’s connectedness to the National Quality Standards and the Early Years Learning Framework.

Learning Playfully