Social Responsibility  - Policy

As a part of our education framework for both staff and families who use our centres, we have a responsibility to ensure our actions and business models make a contribution to the greater good of society. Including a level of corporate social responsibility into our work ethic means that our business enterprise is a greater benefit than just the economic bottom line. We are contributing to the development of human values. 

We look for the best educators to operate in our centres and our staff are offered ongoing education opportunities ensuring they continue to develop their skills. We ensure children in our services have the very best educational opportunities. In turn, they fulfil their mission in becoming well-adjusted, happy and healthy children who value learning and play opportunities.


Globally we are connected to a wider community through a dedicated giving and support program. Each of our services support the work of Watoto – a holistic care program that was initiated to care for orphaned children and vulnerable women in Uganda, whose lives have been ravaged by war and disease.

The Watoto mission to rescue a child, raise a leader, and rebuild a nation aligns strongly with our core values and education philosophies. Each of our services, including head office, supports a Watoto House Mother and a child in her care. The services share news with each House Mother and child they support creating a link from Australia to Africa. We operate locally but our business model reflects a level of responsibility and contribution to the global more


Locally within our Canberra office we contribute to and support Marymead Children’s Service - a community based not-for-profit organisation with a 43 year history of supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged children and families. Each May, our Canbera Early Learning Centres  support fundraising events with all monies raised going to Marymead, contributing to their vital work in supporting families in more

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