Fostering a love of learning

Canberra Early Learning believes in empowering children to be confident decision-makers. Our early education program inspires meaningful learning for children by embracing the value of ‘play’ and fostering strong reciprocal relationships. As Educators we strongly advocate for children as 'capable and confident learners' centring our programs within the Early Years Learning Framework.

Personal safety and wellbeing

We have collaborated with industry best practices to ensure our policies and procedures are responsive to the protection of children, staff and families and that the rights of children are safeguarded. We make choices that enable us to lead healthy and safe lives central to each person’s sense of wellbeing.

A respectful environment

Our environment celebrates the identities of learners within them. We value both the indoor and outdoor spaces equally as places for learning where children can explore, discover and investigate.

Valuing people

Canberra Early Learning believes the people within our services are what makes our services unique. These people include the children, families and educators. We invest in skilled personnel and support continual development to help educators achieve their best. We admire personal qualities such as integrity, authenticity, compassion, respect and motivation. Each of our services is its own ‘learning community’ where professional enquiry, reflective practice and shared understandings are embraced as a way of developing innovative practices.

Developing responsive and meaningful relationships

It is with respect of cultural diversity, responsiveness and warmth that we develop the family and children’s sense of belonging. We view parents as children's first teachers and endeavour to facilitate shared understandings for learning. Respecting and embracing differences, acting against bias and unfairness. We believe responsive relationships support children’s positive self-identity and encourage every individual to express their ideas.

Cultivating an inclusive community

We know that delivering the best education is a collaborative endeavour. We believe in effective communication processes to ensure that our partnerships with families enhance relationships, honour diversity and are transparent in approach. We recognise the significance of partnering with families to support successful transitions in children’s lives. Through our social and charitable activities we encourage the children to see themselves as valued members of the community.

Sharing leadership

The vision we hold for our centres and your children is a shared vision. We believe in a consultative approach and operate a cycle of continual improvement where families are encouraged to partner with us in the centre and share in decision-making.

Our core values are at the centre of our decision-making. They guide our direction, our purpose and our programs. By keeping with these values, Canberra Early Learning provides a nurturing environment that promotes every child's development in a way that brings joy and equips them for life.

Learning Playfully